For now I don't have enough free time to answer to any commercial request. Sorry.


Most code of OpenMPTCProuter is under GPLv3 and you must follow this license. Custom development are also done under GPLv3.


In many case commercial users requires changes to OpenMPTCProuter to better reflect their business case.

Changes can be:

  • Branding of OpenMPTCProuter (custom logo, custom links,...)
  • Custom pages
  • Custom settings


In some case support for a custom hardware is required. If hardware can work on current OpenMPTCProuter kernel, I can do that.


OpenMPTCProuter contains lot of features, but in some case special features or services are needed. It's possible to integrate them.


Help on optimizations, deployement and usage of OpenMPTCProuter and Multipath TCP.


For quote or if you need any informations:

Legal Notice

Yannick Chabanois
3892 route de Romanèche
01270 Coligny

SIRET: 888 540 689 00013

E-mail: (if you don't have an answer after 2 days, check your spam folder)