OpenMPTCProuter is developped by Ycarus (Yannick Chabanois). It's based on OpenWrt with a patch to add MPTCP support to the kernel.

Contact : contact@openmptcprouter.com No support using email, use github issues

Technologies used

OpenMPTCProuter use: OpenMPTCProuter add:
  • LuCi interface to Glorytun
  • macvlan support to luci-mod-admin-full
  • MPTCP support to shadowsocks-libev OpenWrt/LEDE package and LuCi interface
  • MPTCP support to luci-mod-admin-full
  • MLVPN support
  • simple-obfs support to shadowsocks-libev LuCI interface
  • Quota limit support
  • nDPI to bypass by protocol
  • SNMPd interface
  • And many more...

Legal Notice

Host: Yannick Chabanois

Yannick Chabanois
3892 route de Romanèche
01270 Coligny

Editor: Yannick Chabanois

E-mail: contact@openmptcprouter.com