OpenMPTCProuter use MultiPath TCP (MPTCP) to really aggregate multiple Internet connections and OpenWrt.

OpenMPTCProuter diagram
A simple diagram to describe how OpenMPTCProuter is working.


Bonding connections to really aggregate bandwidth from up to 8 internet connections (Fiber, ADSL, VDSL, 4G,...)
Provide hybrid Internet with any FAI


Always up with connection and VPS failover


All data between the router and the VPS can be encrypted and obfuscated
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OpenMPTCProuter v0.43 2018-12-08 18:19

Small changes:

  • Use static IP for Glorytun VPN
  • Update Glorytun UDP to latest commit
  • Linksys WRT3200ACM beta support
  • Add latest RPI kernel 4.14 patches
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.77:

  • Admin JSON server allow glorytun settings changes
  • Some fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.42 2018-11-29 16:18

Big changes:

  • Get all VPS keys and settings from VPS admin script
  • Set MPTCP VPS settings from OpenMPTCProuter
  • Better OpenMPTCProuter status page
  • uPnP/NAT-PMP support
  • Simplify SNMPd interface
  • Dynamic master route enabled by default
  • Bypass domains linked to a protocol
  • Add Bypass by IP source
  • Update to latest Glorytun UDP commit
  • Update to latest MPTCP commit

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.65:

  • Update to latest MPTCP commit
  • Add a python JSON TLS admin server to get/set MPTCP, Shadowsocks, Shorewall and glorytun settings

OpenMPTCProuter status page

OpenMPTCProuter v0.41 2018-11-12 18:19


  • Beta version of SNMPd interface
  • An alert by e-mail can be sent when a connection is down
  • Update Shadowsocks to release 3.2.1
  • A banner display when a new version of OpenMPTCProuter is available
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.64:

  • Update to MPTCP kernel 4.14.79
  • Support Ubuntu Server 18.04
  • Update Shadowsocks to 3.2.1

OpenMPTCProuter v0.40 2018-11-01 08:45

Small changes :

  • Add IPv6 support for MPTCP routes
  • "no delay" enabled by default for ShadowSocks from issue #200
  • Add an option to make master multipath interface dynamic, interface with best RTT is used to create initial subflow from issue #199
  • Many fixes

OpenMTPCProuter VPS v0.61 :

  • Add no-delay support to ShadowSocks
  • Update to 4.14.77 MPTCP kernel

OpenMPTCProuter v0.39 2018-10-23 17:40


  • Update to latest Glorytun UDP commit
  • Update to latest nDPI netfilter commit
  • New omr-bypass firewall rules
  • HNAT and HW Crypto enabled by default for BPI-R2
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.38 2018-10-11 16:14

Some changes:

  • Latest MPTCP changes added for 4.14 and 4.9 kernel
  • New OMR-Bypass LuCi interface with network interface choice for each IP, network, domain or protocol bypassed
  • IPv6 support in OMR-Bypass
  • Some fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.55 update to kernel 4.14.73 with latest MPTCP changes.

OpenMPTCProuter v0.37 2018-09-22 05:55

Small changes:

  • Better Banana PI BPI-R2 support
  • Latest MPTCP update
  • Raspberry PI 3B+ network led are working now
  • Shadowsocks can be bypassed for some IP to use VPN instead
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.36 2018-09-17 15:44

Some changes:

  • Update to latest MLVPN and simple-obfs version
  • Support Banana PI BPI-R2 Wifi
  • Add domain IPs when a domain is added to omr-bypass
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.35 2018-09-07 19:45


  • Banana Pi BPI-R2 support (beta and wifi not supported yet)
  • Fixed mac address for macvlan
  • MPTCP updated to latest changes
  • Many bug fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS 0.50 : Updated to latest MPTCP changes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.34 2018-08-30 05:58

A bug fixes release:

  • Fix MPTCP support check
  • Latest MLVPN new-reorder version
  • Better network interface creation
  • Many other fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.47 : Update to kernel 4.14.64

OpenMPTCProuter v0.33 2018-08-24 14:36


  • Check and set best MTU for each WAN interface
  • Status page is faster
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.46 updated with latest MPTCP changes.

OpenMPTCProuter v0.32.1 2018-08-18 19:27

Small update:

  • Public IPs in status page can be anonymized
  • Latest Raspberry PI kernel updates
  • IPv6 can be enabled/disabled in wizard
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.31 2018-08-13 14:36

Small update:

  • Kernel updated to 4.14.61 (fix CVE-2018-5390)
  • tracebox package added
  • check server MPTCP support
  • fix Raspberry PI 3B+ wifi support
  • Many bug fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.44 updated with kernel 4.14.61

OpenMPTCProuter v0.30 2018-08-02 14:55

Small changes:

  • Update LuCi interface to OpenWrt 18.06
  • chacha20 stream cipher is used by default for ShadowSocks
  • Use
  • Use BBR TCP congestion control instead of Olia by default, fixing
  • Some fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS 0.42:

  • Update kernel with latest MPTCP 0.94 changes
  • chacha20 stream cipher is used by default for ShadowSocks

You must update to OpenMPTCProuter VPS 0.42 to have OpenMPTCProuter v0.30 working

OpenMPTCProuter v0.29 2018-07-25 14:35

Lot of changes:

  • An iPerf interface
  • Nginx package updated
  • Luci-mod-admin-full and luci-base updated
  • whois, iftop and tcpdump package added
  • More tests in OpenMPTCProuter status page
  • Support for NCM (Network Control Model)
  • Some optimizations
  • Many fixes

Update OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.35:

  • Use kernel 4.14.41 and latest patches

OpenMPTCProuter v0.27 2018-07-10 20:00

A small release:

  • Add option to enable OBFS in OpenMPTCProuter advanced settings
  • IPv6 checks in status page
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.26 2018-07-06 13:36


OpenMPTCProuter VPS script v0.33:

  • replace MLVPN by MLVPN new reorder
  • Small fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.25 2018-06-30 19:34

Some changes:

  • You can set the interface used for OMR-Bypass
  • Failover VPS using Nginx HA can be set using wizard (not working for ShadowSocks for now)
  • OBFS support fixed in VPS script and in OpenMPTCProuter
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.24 2018-06-25 15:25

Small changes:

  • Add DPI support to OMR-Bypass: you can bypass (using wan interface directly) many detected protocols
  • mt7601u support
  • Some fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.23 2018-06-19 12:24

A small release:

  • many bugs fixed
  • check if connection support MPTCP in status page
  • some optimization for MPTCP

OpenMPTCProuter VPS is also updated to 0.28 with small changes.